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Blue Cheese & Penicillium Allergies
Lyndell Findlay
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Most of the people who have written about a correlation between cheese and penicillin allergy have indicated no problems with eating cheese. However, there appears to be rare situations when eating food with penicillin in it does cause reactions for penicillin-sensitive individuals. One person indicates a reaction to blue cheese and questions what other products to avoid. The other person questions why her penicillin allergy does not cause a reaction when she eats blue cheese. Locally, I’ve not seen any reports of allergic reactions to blue cheese from patients with penicillin allergy.The literature I was able to find gave rare incidences where penicillin-sensitive individuals had allergic reactions after ingesting milk, beef, pork or chicken that had traces of penicillin in them.These studies were not extensive, and the conclusion of most of the material I’ve seen on this is that small amounts of penicillin in food seldom causes an anaphylactic reaction […]