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Milk, Hormones & Antibiotics
Lyndell Findlay
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Canadian milk is one of the safest and most tested foods in the country. Hormones for cows? Not in Canada. Unlike in some other countries, the sale of bovine growth hormones, used to increase a cow’s milk production, is illegal in Canada. To maximize milk production, dairy farmers make sure that their cows are healthy and well-nourished. Milk and antibiotics don’t mix The use of antibiotics in the dairy industry is strictly regulated. A dairy cow is only given antibiotics if it is sick. A cow receiving antibiotics must be clearly identified. That cow’s milk is properly discarded for a mandatory withdrawal period until the medication has cleared the cow’s system. A producer who would breach these rules would expose itself to heavy fines. Source Article: http://www.dairygoodness.ca/getenough/