Lyndell Findlay – Cheesemaker (left)

With a particular love of Blue cheese and a long-time interest in cheese making, Lyndell has developed her technical expertise in modern and traditional artisanal cheese making techniques through specialist courses at the University of Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (VIAC), and through a hands-on apprenticeship with award-winning cheese maker, Brian Schlatter at the Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese facility in Ohio in 2012.

Lyndell continues research and development of traditional European-style blue cheeses at her urban cheese plant in a leafy neighbourhood in the north end of Halifax.

Catherine Keeler – Assistant Cheesemaker

Catherine completed her university studies in PEI in 2014, then spent two years in France pursuing her dream to become a cheesemaker.  After training as a cheese master at La Cloche A Fromage in Strasbourg, Catherine studied at the Lycée Agricole de Rochefort-Montagne, obtaining cheesemaking qualifications specialising in St. Nectaire cheese.

Employed as a cheesemaker at GAEC de la Pouzière in the Auvergne region of France, she made Saint Nectaire cheese and managed the affinage of cheese caves, ensuring sanitation and food safety protocols, and managed sales on site.  Returning to her home in Nova Scotia, she joined BHC in early 2017, where she is involved in all aspects of cheese production.